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Friday, July 04, 2014

Names of Allah

Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi is running a series on the names of Allah, maa shaa Allah:

It is in Arabic, but I hope some of you will benefit from it. The sheikh has several other playlists and videos, so do have look at his channel.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What is this gibberish...?

SubhaanAllah, the kind of translations you can get from automated programmes like Google Translate:

قال ابن القيم: 

يا مغرورا بالأماني 
لعن إبليس وأهبط من منزل العز بترك سجدة واحدة أمر بها 
وأخرج آدم من الجنة بلقمة تناولها وحجب القاتل عنها بعد أن رآها عيانا بملء كف من دم 
وأمر بقتل الزاني أشنع القتلات بإيلاج قدر الأنملة فيما لا يحل 
وأمر بإيساع الظهر سياطا بكلمة قذف أو بقطرة سكر 
وأبان عضوا من أعضائك بثلاثة دراهم فلا تأمنه أن يحبسك في النار بمعصية واحدة من معاصيه {ولا يخاف عقباها} 
دخلت امرأة النار في هرة 
وإن الرجل ليتكلم بالكلمة لا يلقي لها بالا يهوي بها في النار أبعد ما بين المشرق والمغرب 
وإن الرجل ليعمل بطاعة الله ستين سنة فإذا كان عند الموت جار في الوصية فيختم له بسوء عمله فيدخل النار العمر بى خره والعمل بخاتمته من أحدث قبل السلام بطل ما مضى من صلاته ومن أفطر قبل غروب الشمس ذهب صيامه ضائعا ومن أساء في آخر عمره لقى ربه في ذلك الوجه لو قدمت لقمة وجدتها ولكن يؤذيك الشره كم جاء الثواب يسعى إليك فوقف بالباب فرده بواب سوف ولعل وعسى 
كيف الفلاح بين إيمان ناقص وأمل زائد ومرض لا طبيب له ولا عائد وهوى مستيقظ وعقل راقد ساهيا في غمرته عمها في سكرته سابحا في لجة جهله مستوحشا من ربه مستأنسا بخلقه ذكر الناس فاكهته وقوته 
وذكر الله حبسه وموته لله منه جزء يسير من ظاهره وقلبه ويقينه لغيره
لا كان من سواك فيه بقية ... يجد السبيل بها اليه العذل

الفوائد: ج١ ص٦٤
Supposedly means this:

Ibn al-Qayyim said:

Oh arrogant aspirations
Cursed the devil and the coast of leaving home Ezz prostration one ordered by
And took out Adam from Paradise and withholding pertinent addressed by the killer after he saw her visibly fill the palm of blood
And ordered the killing of the adulterer vilest Alqtalat Belaj deal with your fingertip does not solve
He ordered Baasaa back Saata word fling or a droplet of sugar
It made a member of your users do not Tamenh three dirhams that will deliver in the fire disobedience is one of the sins not afraid Akbaha {}
A woman entered Hell because of a cat
If the man does not speak a word cast her not to fall into Hell as far as between the east and Morocco
Although the man to do to obey God sixty years If when death is underway at the behest Vijtm his bad work enters Fire Age Pei forced labor and work Boukhatemth of the latest before the peace champion the past of links and breaks the fast before sunset went fast lost and abused in the last old met God in provided that if the face of the summit and her grandmother, but how much harm bulimia came seeks reward you stood at the door and will straighten janitor May and perhaps
How Falah between faith and the hope of minus and plus disease not a doctor and do not yield to him and Hui awake and recumbent Sahia in mind flooded her uncle in Skrth Sabha in the abyss of ignorance Mistohacha Mstansa Rabbo said people by creating its fruit and strength
He said God's incarceration and death to God it a fraction of the face, heart and conviction to others
It was not the rest ... except you find a way to him Athel

Benefits: c 1:00 64

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Late announcement

A late announcement, better late than never?

Baby number eight was born in November, alhamdu lillah.

Can't add an egg to the title image, as the original image is on a hard disk that my computer won't recognise... any ideas how to make Windows 7 recognise a 2.5" SATA portable hard disk?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The End of Ramadhan

مجلس في وداع رمضان لإبن رجب الحنبلي من كتاب لطائف المعارف

The End of Ramadhan

Source : Lata’if al-Ma’arif
Ibn Rajab's book: Lataif al Maa'rif. A portion of this book pertaining to Ramadan was summarized by Sheikh Abdur Rahman bin Muhammed bin Qassim the compiler of Majmu al Fatawa by Ibn Taymiyyah, with several additions by Sheikh Abdur Rahman himself.
Translated by Mustafa George

The Salaf worked diligently in perfecting their actions and making them faultless, then after that, they showed great concern for acceptance of their actions. They did this because they feared that their actions would be rejected. They are those who gave what was incumbent upon them while their hearts were in a state of fear. It is reported that Ali bin Abi Taleb said: Be more concerned that your actions are accepted than your concern of performing the action itself. Did you not hear the statement of Allah:

{Verily Allah only accepts the actions of the Mutaqeen (pious)}

Fudalah said: For me to know that Allah has accepted from me an action the size of a mustard seed, is more beloved to me than this world and everything within it. This is because of the statement of Allah:

{Verily Allah only accepts the actions of the Mutaqeen (pious)}

Malik bin Dinar said: Fear that an action is not accepted is more difficult than performing the action itself.

"Ataa as Sulamee stated: The pious fear that their righteous actions were not done sincerely for Allah.

Abdul Azeez ibn Abee Ruwaad said: I have met people very diligent in performing actions, and upon completion of those actions they are faced with sadness in fear of the action being accepted or not.

Some Salaf used to say: The people of the past would supplicate 6 months to Allah to allow them to reach the month of Ramadan, and then upon completion of the month, they would again supplicate 6 months (begging) for acceptance of their fast. Some of the Salaf would display sadness on the day of Eid. It was said to them: This is a day of happiness and joy! They would respond: You have spoken the truth, but I am a servant, my Lord has ordered me to perform an action but I am not sure if He will accept it from me or not

Hasan (al Basri) stated: Indeed Allah has made Ramadan a means of gain for His creation. (Within this month) they race to gain His pleasure through obedience to Him. Some individuals will gain (win), while others will remain back and lose. It is amazing to see a person playing and laughing on a day that the good doers will be rewarded, and the wrong doers will be defeated.

It is reported that Ali bin Abee Talib would call out on the last day of Ramadan: Where is the winner so that we may congratulate him, and where is the loser so that we may give him condolences. Oh winner, we congratulate you! Oh loser, may Allah give you ease in your time of calamity!

Qatadah said: It used to be said: Whoever does not have his sins forgiven in Ramadan, he will not have his sins forgiven in other than Ramadan (meaning: if one did not take advantage of such great opportunity in Ramadan, more than likely he will not take advantage of any other opportunity). There is also a hadith similar to this, its wording is: "Whoever does not receive forgiveness in Ramadan, then when will he receive forgiveness?"

The author continues to state: When will a person be forgiven if he is not forgiven in this month?! When will a person"s actions be accepted if they are not accepted on Laylatul Qadr?! When will a person correct their affairs if they can"t correct them in Ramadan?! When will a person correct himself from the disease of negligence and ignorance?!

The author further states: Oh servants of Allah, indeed the month of Ramadan has prepared to leave, and nothing remains except a few more days. Whoever has done well during the month should continue to do well, and whoever was deficient, should try to end the month in good, for indeed actions are according to their completion. Therefore, take advantage of what remains of the month, and give the month the best farewell and peace.

[Lataa-if al-Ma'aarif]