Thursday, June 07, 2007

Miracles of the Qur'an

SubhaanAllah. I just happened to come over these interesting images of Qur'anic miracles. I was searching for ahadeeth about keeping secrets, on the search engine Araby (which by the way is an excellent search engine for searching in Arabic! Mashaa Allah), and came upon a forum where I started browsing and found this:

Picture a
This one is about verse 2 and 3 in Surat Ar-Rum (the chapter about the Romans defeat, chapter 30), they explain that the word "adnaa" means "akhfaD" (أدنى = أخفض) , in Al-Maurid Al-Qareeb (En-Ar, Ar-En dictionary) takhfeeD means lowering, so "akhfaD" means "the lowest". Adnaa-l-arDiy is then "the lowest land" (not nearest as it says in my copy of Khan's translation). The Romans were defeated in the area of the Dead Sea, in todays Jordan. It has been found by geologists that the Dead Sea is the lowest land on Earth, and that its waters are 380 metres below all the oceans of the Earth!
The Romans were predicted in the same Chapter to be defeated again after a few years. Seven years after the revelation of these verses, they were defeated by the Persians.

Picture b
It has been found that the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula once were filled with "gardens and rivers" (I wonder if they mean forests) several thousands of years ago, and that with the changes of world temperatures, it will once again become as it was.
The Prophet (sAas) said: "The Hour (last hour, end of time) will not be established until the land of the Arabs return to being pastures and rivers" (muruujan = pastures, pasturage, grassland, prairie, meadow, lawn, turf).

I'll explain the rest another time. For those who understand Arabic or can get it translated, here are the other links:

Picture c
Picture d
Picture e

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