Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yay! DS needs glasses! Alhamdu lillah!

SubhaanAllah, I'm happy my son needs glasses... silly, isn't it? But it's such a relief! Inshaa Allah, it will help him with reading and writing, actually studying as a whole. No wonder he couldn't concentrate long enough to read much. All he could muster mostly, was one page or one paragraph a day and he had problems focusing on the text. But according to the optician, focusing to read one line at a time is hard for people with long-sightedness. It is as if the text is playing around for long-sighted people!

It's amazing, mashaa Allah, what opticians can do and see. Let me tell you something, don't trust simple eye-tests at the health-visitors'! They're not trained to deal with the strategies that all smart kids do! Nor can they see inside the eye whether the muscles are strained by the reading or not. If a child complains about getting tired or headaches from studying, go to a professional!

Alhamdu lillah, it was mere impulse that made me go into the optician's and chat about visual dyslexia, etc! She advised me to make an appointment for him, to rule out long-sightedness, before going further. Mashaa Allah, I'm glad we went.

DS always wanted glasses, and now he'll get a pair in his favourite colour, lol! I told him, kids try to fool their parents all the time to get glasses without really needing it, that's why I never took him to an optician. And I believed the simple eye-test... Now, he tells me that he always wanted glasses because his eyes hurt! And he never lied about needing them, he said...

You know, kids are smart. My sister fooled her health-visitor to believe that she hears just fine, when she was three or four, and she's completely deaf on one ear! She understood the game and just put those toys in their place when the health-visitor looked at her in a certain way!
My mother wanted glasses, but wasn't tested for several years, they never believed her. When she finally was tested, they were told she's practically half-blind! She was always the "good school-girl", always sitting in the front row...

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