Saturday, January 12, 2008

Re-opening my 'Favourites' blog

I've been tweaking on my 'favourites' blog.
I took the link down from here, when our PC got a new OS installed and all my old favourite links and bookmarks were lost. But I've managed to collect quite a list in just a few days, so I've decided to put it back up here, inshaa Allah. Blogspot doesn't allow for posts to be organised in alphabetical order unfortunately and at the moment I haven't commented much on the different links, so it's a bit.... inferior. But, inshaa Allah, it's a work in progress, and maybe I'll move it to a site with better resources like edublogs or wordpress. Allahu a'lam.

I pray it is of benefit, ameen.


seekingtaqwa said...

salam..sorry you can consider yourself tagged!!
love me for the sake of allah anyway

Oum Anas said...


why you little...! now I've got two tags to deal with...