Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A quick update to what we've been up to.

We're watching experiment videos over at Robert Krampf's web site, a lot. It used to be all free, but now a year's subscription is about £10.50, which is pretty reasonable, in my opinion. We managed to see all the videos, before they changed, and the first unaccessible one was last week's video, so I've subscribed us, alhamdu lillah.

This morning we did #5:Maybe I should have waited and used a different can, I certainly don't want to make publicity for this product (my advice is: don't drink it!), but we rarely have any cans in my house (only DH drinks these).

Other than experimenting, it's been a lot of football, baking, playing in the kitchen, re-furnituring, birds, wild and domestic (now we desperately need our garden fixed so we can put them in a shed outside!), and UK geography as we've learned about Norwiches, Yorkshires, Lancashires,Borders, Fifes, and Glosters (correctly spelled, as it is about canaries, not the counties).

Lots of sun, mashaa Allah, and irritated eyes and noses because of pollen levels. No gardening, as we're waiting to get new grass in the garden. And maybe have the ground leveled a bit, inshaa Allah.

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