Friday, April 24, 2009

Teaching Qur'aan

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Here is a suggestion for Qur'an memorisation, mentioned in a blog post, by a sister:

A Suggested Quran Memorization Schedule

In My HE Favourites blog, I've listed some good sites for Qur'an related subjects under the heading Qur'an & Fiqh. Since we speak mainly Arabic, the links are for resources both in Arabic and English. Under Tafseer you will find the link to Tafsir Ibn Kathir in English (all the weak narrations are omitted, and the text is laid up very neatly, mashaa Allah!).

Underneath it you will find some of the major Tafseer works in Arabic (the original texts). I use them when I don't have access to the book versions (such as when traveling), especially Ibn Kathir, as his is easy to understand and not too detailed and long. I only wish the text was put in paragraphs, so it would be easier to keep track during reading. And if only they could seperate strong narrations from the weak ones, somehow (for example highlighting with differing colours) that would be great! But, alhamdu lillah 'ala kulli haal. Just a bit time consuming to sift through, to get the Arabic wordings for my kids... I rather not have them read weak accounts, as there's really no benefit in remembering those.

There is a tafseer for kids in Arabic, called Zubdat at-Tafseer (the Butter of Commentary, lol), it's available to purchase on line.
The Opening Chapter and the last three parts (from al-Mujaadilah) are available on pdf, mashaa Allah. It's from an interesting site called The Commentary Of The Last Tenth (in Arabic), and here are some more interesting chapters, from a book of the same name, as I understand it.

In our family, our Quran study schedule (a very new, and fresh schedule... if I could have a penny for every time we revise our schedules... lol) looks something like this (or, is supposed to, it's still not completely programmed into our minds):

Morning after Fajr: Hifth and/or Muraaja'ah (memorising and/or re-reading)
Around 10am: Tafseer and writing of what has been understood or direct copy writing.
After 'Asr: another session of reading Qur'an and then they read to me and I give them points on a scale of ten for each group of ten (or close to ten) verses/ayaat.

The two older boys have to try and memorise ten verses a day, inshaa Allah. DS#3 is slower and has some difficulties, so I take it easier with him, but I still give him enough to make it challenging. The girls are in the smaller surahs, and doing well, mashaa Allah. And the baby, well, she just says yes whenever I ask her to repeat after me, or signs for book or apple!

Assalamu aleikum

PS I've found that I need to revise my schedule a bit, because DS#2 tried to stuff his brain too quickly with his verses and as soon as possible revise to me. I think he'll retain it better if he memorises in the afternoon and then, the morning after, revises them after going over them a second time.


Humayraa said...

as salaamu'alaykum

Good to see you blogging again!

I loved this post, but am a bit saddened by the lack of resources in English. Some things are really difficult for those of us who are not Arab. Oh well, Alhamdulillaahi 'ala kulli haal!

Baraak Allaahu feeki!

mommy2H said...

Assalamualaikum Oum Anas,

Thank you for visiting my blog..Actually I've been 'spying' on your blog ever since! :) I've been learning so many things from you all these while, even before I join IHSAN..Jazakallah khayr.
I love this post too..thank you, I have been searching for Qur'an memorisation schedule for my child, like humayraa said, not so many in English so I'm a bit stuck..Thank you again.