Friday, June 05, 2009

"Scare City"

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

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:: "Scare City" ::

When you buy into the *scarcity* principle, you live
in "Scare City": a place where you're always afraid of
coming up short.

In Scare City, you can't enjoy what you have -- you're
too busy worrying about what you *don't* have. All the
cups in Scare City are half empty.

Somehow, young children are largely immune to the
distressing effects of living in Scare City...

* They enjoy the abundant *now* while their
parents worry about the lack of time.

* They transform their homes into magical
worlds while their parents worry about the
lack of order.

* They give and receive love endlessly while
their parents carefully ration their limited

To live the Good Life, you have to leave Scare City
and go to a *dance* -- a joyful, magical, healing
dance where you release your fears and *shake your
booty* like nobody's watching: a-BUN-dance!

Are you willing to do A BUN DANCE with your child? :-)

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