Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12th century castle ruins

Toilets and garderobe (wardrobe) seen from the outside, clothes were hung in here because the smell of urine and ammonia kept moths away!

One of many hearths.

The dungeons!!!

The kitchen hearth. A whole animal would be cooked on the open fire on both long sides, and a stew with vegetables would boil in a big pot on the short side (top of picture).

The bread oven
This is where the dish water was thrown out into the moat.

Here they made beer. Even babies and children would drink it...

The draw-bridge used to be here.

You can see the difference in the wall, where preservation work has been done and where the wall has withered down. Nowadays they make any restoration look as new. At the top you can see there's a lot of missing stones from the outer walls. They were stolen and taken down the canal to be recycled and used in the building of bridges etc.

This was really heavy, the knights must have had help to put them on

A quill/pen holder

The Jackpot (leather jug)

A baby's drinker

A grenade

A spindle (for spinning thread)

I'm not telling you what this is...

Mortar and pestle

A candle holder and beeswax candle - it smelled lovely


is a nifty thing, that you can water with!

This kept the food hot. Hot coals were put in the top and the plate on top of it. Through the whole oxygen kept the coals from cooling down too quick.


hasna said...

very interesting MashAllah.
looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves!!

Minara said...

so many things to see and learn, will have to take the kids there at some point

Oum Anas said...

Alhamdu lillah, we did enjoy ourselves, mashaa Allah.
The teacher was really sweet, offering tea, coffee and squash, and she took out little swords and stick horses for the kids to play with.
It was really interesting, mashaa Allah.