Saturday, August 14, 2010

Third, fourth & fifth days of Ramadan

My favourite recitation, surat Aal 'Imraan (The Family of 'Imran) by Abu Haajar al-Iraqi.

The schedule is off track... maybe it was unrealistic, maybe I'm not strict enough... maybe I'm just being negative? Allahu a'lam, it's late as well and maybe I'm a bit too tired to think straight.

We had a power cut-off for almost an hour and a half on Friday, and alarms went off up and down the street, subhaan Allah. Our fire alarm started beeping just after Fajr on Saturday, we had to switch it off at the mains.

We've had guests for two days, so we've been pretty busy just cleaning, cooking and washing up (well, me anyway) afterwards.

We haven't read any more tafseer, nor seen more than one episode of the stories of the Prophets (as) since Thursday. I must say I'm pretty disappointed at how things have turned out, but I'm not the kind who gives up easily. I'm exhausted, and I don't know if my goals were just simply unrealistic and I have to tweak them, or if I should try harder?

Perhaps I should just drop the whole schedule, and leave them to do what they want as long as they don't waste their time, and then just sneak in the stuff that I wanted whenever we have a free moment?

This is the series on the sahaabah that the boys are reading, alhamdu lillah. If they get into the habit of reading now, then I'll say Ramadan was successful in this area.
A sister gave us a vegetable box from her allotment, mashaa Allah, which got me think about what to do in the area of sadaqah, gifts and generosity towards friends and neighbours (something I've thought of on and off, but I'm a bit stuck when it comes to what to give). Alhamdu lillah, this idea of giving is part of why I've been blogging so much more recently. My intention, in shaa Allah, is to give more. I just hope that what I give will be beneficial to visitors, in shaa Allah.

The mosque that the boys are praying Taraweeh at have a Ramadan competition on the Names of Allah, mashaa Allah.

It spurred A and B to action, alhamdu lillah, and they started on the first assignment today: What is the greatest of Allah's names, mentioned in surat Muhammed (asws), write down the verse, and write the conditions of "Laa ilaaha ill-Allah" with their proofs.

This evening I watched a lecture called "Why and How to Learn the Arabic Spoken in the Quran", that a sister hinted to through an e-mail (jazaahAllahu khayran). Mashaa Allah, I really liked that lecture, and I'll have a more detailed look into his study program, in shaa Allah.

I also watched this lecture:

and the one after it. Mashaa Allah, I found them beneficial.

It's time to have suhoor, so laters, in shaa Allah.

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