Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to wash and shroud the dead - 'Alaa Sa'eed

I once opened the islamic youtube website, with the intention of getting the kids to watch some lecture or other and eldest, age ten, chose one on how to wash the dead (!)

We all watched, and learned the words بوع and كوع (there's a saying in Arabic "he doesn't know his bu3 from his ku3!" ku3 is the radius bone in the wrist and bu3 is the equivalent on the ankle? In shaa Allah, I hope I got that right!):

In Arabic with step-by-step instructions shown from beginning to end (not on a real dead) and some Q&As (I'd say it's beneficial to non-Arabic speakers as well):

1st episode - link seems dead :(

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UmmUmarNY said...

Giving Ghusl to a dead body is indeed one of those actions which brings so many blessings!!! Yah Allah, I was fortunate to do that once... a few years ago, and I will tell you it was a beautiful experience. I will never look at a pair of hands the same way.. and I can only pray Allah will grant me the 'gift' of having someone wash my body in the Islamic manner, when my time arrives... Aameen!! ..for we are not certain of the time, the place, or the circumstance of our death...

As the story, when the Tsunami in Sri Lanka happened a few years ago, they could only tell who was muslim by looking at the corpses and only those women with scarves and men with beards were given a Ghusul and Janaza prayers... We can only imagine how many other Muslims were burried amongst the Kufar.. whether Hindu, Christian, etc.... May Allah protect us and save us from such an ugly fate! Aameen

Thanks for sharing!! :D