Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memorising Qur'an

Best way to memorize the Quran AND never forget it! In shaa Allah.

And for motivation:
"Sit back and learn your Quran and Dua’s in a matter of days via email, using the latest learning techniques to help you achieve your desired goals, you can use some of them or all of them to increase your learning pace. We use established techniques that you can find in many memory books, and throw in a couple of new ones which are tailored to the rhythmic quality of the Quran, we mix in technology too, and instead of eating the whole of the cake, using our algorithm which breaks down your lesson to word level, we will email you up to 3 times a day, a smaller slice of the cake that you find tasty and that you can digest easily." 

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Oum Anas said...

I've quit the du'aa coach: you get 3 ayaat daily by e-mail, any changes to the schedule and you have to pay. Doesn't suit me atm, plus the e-mails were all sent with du'aa coach in the subject line, which irritated me 'cause I was studying Quran memorisation not du'aas... (yes, I'm a perfectionist)