Sunday, June 14, 2009

In the Middle of the Night

This is a great audio lecture, by Ustadh Muhammad Alshareef, about the sleeping patterns of the Prophet (asws)


1. Make the 'Ishaa prayer the last thing you do, before you go to bed, talk should be discouraged after the 'Isha prayer has been made
2. Never go to sleep later than half through the night (between 'Ishaa and Fajr)
3. Delay witr if you know you will wake up for qiyam al-layl, if not, pray witr before bed
4. Make ablution (wudu) before going to bed, even if you already have wudu
5. Read ayat al-Kursi before falling asleep
6. Do the mas7 (spitting/blowing thrice in ones hands and reading the "three quls" and wipe the whole body, repeating it three times)
7. Lie down on ones right side, hand under head or pillow, and do tasbeeh (say SubhaanAllah), tahmeed (say Alhamdu lillah), and takbir (say Allahu akbar) - and really mean it (thinking of the things one is grateful for while saying tahmeed for example)
8. Do not talk after you've gone to bed, the last thing you say should be the du'aa (supplication)
9. Do not sleep after Fajr
10. Take a power nap (short siesta) during the day


Nakia said...


JazakILLAH Khair for posting this. We are getting the children into the habit of reciting the three Quls and Ayatul Kursi so this is right on time!

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