Sunday, January 02, 2011

Butterfly Lapbook by R

R finally finished her Butterlies lapbook, yesterday, sometime between 10 and 11 pm! Her and her sisters had been to an indoor play area until around 7 pm, and as soon as they'd finished their food and narrating all that they'd seen and done during the day, they just had to work on their lapbooks a little, while waiting for their brothers to come home... How time flies when you're having fun, subhaan Allah!
Well, the goofing around and mess wasn't so fun, but alhamdu lillah, at last we managed to finish at least one book!
We used a simple non-tabbed file folder with an extra sheet of coloured card stuck in the middle, by punching holes and tying it together with some yarn. This is the first spread. On the left is a mini-book called Favorite Flowers (I wanted to exchange the cover to have the British spelling, but R wanted the pretty flowers, of course).

And lots of different butterfly cards in different sized pockets (we had to seal them with little pieces of card stock, otherwise the butterfly cards would be all over the floor every time we took the lapbook out).

Some of the cards were from the Nature Detectives (link below). I tried to get the Arabic and Swedish names for most of them, something that wasn't so easy... (I use Wikipedia, Google Translate, dictionaries and Google image search)

Some of the cards were from Lapbook Lessons (but have since moved to Preschoolpost) and others from Homeschoolshare.

We made this green mini-book (free-style butterfly shape), and filled it with photos of butterflies and moths that we've encountered and photographed ourselves.

Two moths, Swallowtail moth and Pyrausta Aurata (if you don't know the name of a butterfly, you can check it up here, and for moths look here)

Small Tortoiseshell and Speckled Wood.

And a Small White butterfly.

Lifespan of a Butterfly.

Four books inside the blue book (R decided on the design of this one herself).

The four books opened up (they all have the name of each stage on the right - they're covered by the images here).

Anatomy of the butterfly (the book was made free-style).

Pictures taken from Wikipedia.

Defences mini-book (American spelling creeping in again...): warning colours, bright colours, camouflage, eye spots (I didn't manage to get her to put examples here - too busy decorating with her oodles of doodles *eye-roll*)

The next spread looks like this.

Working Butterflies (and a scrapbook sticker to the left).

Moth versus Butterfly Venn diagram (due to lack of space for her writing and lack of energy, we settled on cutting and pasting most of it).

Butterfly shaped book with a nasheed about two butterflies in an orchard. Here is the nasheed:

And here are the lyrics in Arabic: together with some other kids songs (the two butterflies is the last one).

Butterfly Maths: the problem on the outside of the wing shaped mini books and the answer on the inside (the one in the top left corner is open)

Predators that eat butterflies.

Symmetry mini book - we changed a mini book on the lifespan of a butterfly to symmetry of a butterfly and did a few symmetrical shapes and wrote some.

Caterpillar facts - questions on the outside (not visible here). -"No I don't have a nose, sorry" !

Some art work on the back of the book.

Most of the mini-books, resources, facts and images were taken from Homeschool Share, Lapbook Lessons (this page now has some new material on butterflies and the resources we used for our lapbook can be found on PreschoolPost), Nature Detectives and Wikipedia (Butterfly and Caterpillar).

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UmmUmarNY said...

WOW!!!! much work!!!! This is great, SubhanaAllah!!!! You are such a dedicated mother, MashaAllah!! I wish I had the patience.... Allah knows!! Thanks so much for sharing! :D